Believe in yourself! Nessun Dorma

Believe in yourself! Nessun Dorma


Believe in yourself! Nessun Dorma


We all have dreams and ambitions in life and sometimes they are forgotten about. These dreams and ambitions never really go away and eventually they resurface because it’s something within you that needs to be expressed and considered.

It takes a tremendous amount of confidence and courage to follow your dreams and not listen to the advice of others or allow judgmental looks to bring you down. What’s even more inspiring is believing you have a gift to share with the world and that you believe in yourself, even if nobody else does.

By living outside your comfort zone you not only increase your own self-confidence but you inspire everyone around you!

In this video, one of the important messages is that we should not judge a book by its cover. It is obvious from the looks Paul received that some people didn’t believe in him before he had the chance to sing. However, since Paul believed in himself and followed his dream, he gave the gift of opera music to many by opening their minds and hearts.

He is now a hero. Bravo Paul!

~ Written by Jennifer Juneau


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