The Dream Of Life (Alan Watts)

The Dream Of Life (Alan Watts)


Dream of Life


The beauty of this video is to awaken you, to allow you to see both sides of the coin and feel alive again even though your heart continues to beat one beat at a time. When we dream, anything is possible and yet when we live, we forget that our life is full of possibilities and fulfilling those dreams.

Your life is one of the greatest gifts from God that you will ever receive. How many of us have actually stopped to notice and realize what we have been given so that we don’t take it for granted? There will always be positive and negative situations you will have to endure in life, and take the good times with the bad.

This is reality and what’s important to remember is that every ending has a new beginning, where one story ends, another one begins, we are all interconnected with one another by love. You were brought here for a reason, not by accident because you have unique gifts to share with the world and your job is to find them and then go out and inspire others by making a difference. The Universe is in constant motion and has designed a plan just for you if you can believe in possibilities.


Take the time to get to know yourself, who you really are. What are your core values and beliefs? Are you living out your core values? If any of your beliefs are self-limiting, you have the power to let them go so you can start living the dream you have always wanted. Imagine all the possibilities in your life, really think about it, ponder and savor them. Possibilities are like doorways into discovering your true self, your dreams, and goals.

Let’s suppose you could choose one dream about anything in the world and in that dream you dream about 75 years of your life in one night, fulfilling all your wishes and pleasures, and you achieve everything you have ever wanted in life. You feel elated, joyful, and amazed. Then suddenly, a surprise dream occurs and one of life’s unexpected events happens to you, leaving you with a “wow” feeling that is absolutely indescribable.

As you become more courageous, you become more adventurous and as you become more adventurous, you become more courageous. It’s a give and take, a swing on the pendulum of life.


Finally, you dream the dream of where you are right now. This dream is the life you are actually living today which is your own reality. The infinite choices you have in front of you allows you find gratitude in any situation, the positive and negative, the good times and bad. Gratitude brings a new perspective on life which allows you look deep within yourself where you will not only find joy and happiness, but you will also find God.

We tend to forget that everybody is God and that He lives the dream deep down inside yourself and in everyone around you. You are all that and more, but unfortunately, you are pretending that you’re not.

Take the time to wake up and realize your reality and see how far and where your dreams will take you in your life. Leave no stone unturned, and never take it for granted because anything is possible in this lifetime, if you can believe it.


~ Written by Jennifer Juneau


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