The Real You (Alan Watts)

The Real You (Alan Watts)

The Real You

Are you ready to wake up? Or are you just flirting with waking up? Are you ready to know the real you and what you’re all about in this Universe? I suppose you are because you’re here right now.

Waking up with sincerity and finding out who you really are, is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give yourself. It’s the self-realization that you matter and the fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one’s character or personality. The moment you wake up to who you really are is the moment you let go of who you think you should be.

What you do is exactly what the Universe is doing in the here and now. As you change so does the Universe and the real deep down you is the whole Universe. You are the Universe experiencing itself, like a dance with a purpose and is filled with love.
When you think about dying, what goes through your mind? When you die, it is not about an everlasting non-existence because that’s not an experience. You will not be in a dark space forever.

Try to envision this psychological yoga to achieve some self-realization, try to imagine you are going to sleep but will never wake up. Children think about this often and so can you, it’s one of the greatest wonders of life.

If you ponder this long enough, something incredible will happen and you will think, “What was it like to wake up without never having gone to sleep?” It was the same thing as when you were born. Therefore, after you die, the same experience happens as when you were born. It’s the circle of life where after people die, other people are born and they’re all you, experiencing it one at a time.

Now imagine your life from a metaphorical point of view where you fall asleep and never wake up. What if you never took the time to realize who you really are, and just went about your daily life with blindfolders on thinking “this is it” without any inspiration whatsoever. How does this make you feel about the real you?

As for the second question, try to imagine what was it like to wake up without never having gone to sleep? When you take the time to find out who you really are, and that we are all connected to the Universe and each other, we realize we are all living the same dreams and experiences together, but one at a time. There is no need to sleep to find this out, but there is definitely the need to wake up and look within to find these answers and create some possibilities in your life.

As beings come into being from all galaxies you come into being. You don’t need to look at the past, or to know how to work your organs, or breathe, these actions are automatic and you just do it naturally.

Consider this thought, isn’t it absolutely amazing that you are this fantastically complex thing, and you’re doing all of this and you never had any education on how to do it?

That is the real you, experiencing self-realization.

Written by Jennifer Juneau

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