A message for mankind!

A message for mankind!

This is the message we all need to hear! This is the warning to heed! Wake up!


The Lie We Live


We used to live our lives freely as children but now we live according to schedules and the clock.
Workplaces are hiring us based on our knowledge but ask us not to question anything. We put in many long hours that prevent us from living our lives freely until one day we are old and look back on everything. Sometimes with happiness other times with regret.

Corporations are driven by power and we are the workers who built their cities and money is what controls us.

If we see everything as something to be sold, we are not helping the poor or those in need.

We can’t destroy our planet or the life on it. We used to think the earth was the center of our Universe but now we see ourselves as the center of the planet.

One day we will die, but our mark, footprint, and legacy will be left behind. We share a common goal which is happiness and we need to look within to find it.

People with nothing in this world are happy but what about North Americans with our fancy phones, cars and houses? What is the true meaning of happiness?

Are we disconnected because of our screens we are so addicted to?

~ Written by Jennifer Juneau


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