A Message For All Of Humanity – Charlie Chaplin

A Message For All Of Humanity – Charlie Chaplin


Charlie Chaplin’s message for all of humanity!


Charlie Chaplin’s message is for everyone and his intention is not to rule us but to help us, to change our perspective on how we live in this world, how to relate to one another in a more loving and supportive way instead of with violence and suffering.

There’s room for everyone in this world, it is rich with resources and can provide for us all. But we have lost our way, where did we go? Unfortunately, money, greed, and power have taken over and have poisoned souls and created hate around the world. Wars are being fought but who is really winning?

Do we think too much and feel too little? Maybe we need more kindness than cleverness, less machinery, and more humanity. Life is more violent without these qualities and we need to come back to them.

The power needs to return to the people and not to the dictators. Soldiers are being ruled by an army of men who hate them, scream at them telling them what to think, how to feel. These rulers are machine men with machine minds and machine hearts, you are not machines! You are men with the love of humanity in your hearts. Instead of fighting for slavery, fight for liberty.

We all have the power to create a life that is free and beautiful, a wonderful adventure. Let’s fight for a new democracy, a new world. A world that is free of hate and intolerance. A world of happiness is the goal, let us all unite with one another.

~ Written by Jennifer Juneau


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