Homeless but Human

Homeless but Human

He may be homeless but he is a human being with dignity and beauty!


Homeless but Human


As humans, we are too quick to judge people without getting to know them first. The homeless are the most targeted group among us all and yet we know nothing about them and their struggles in life.

Perhaps someone used to have a good job and a house but a tragedy happened in their life such as high medical bills that took away all their savings and left them with nothing. Is it their fault they are on the street now?

Or what about the single mother who was cooking food for her children and a fire broke out on the stove, burned the house down and they lost everything because they didn’t have any insurance. Is that mother at fault for trying to provide for her kids?

Whatever the case may be, we are all human beings and we all crave connection with one another. It’s how we’re wired. Nobody likes being treated like they are invisible so maybe we need to show some more compassion to the homeless people instead of judging them. They aren’t proud of their situation nor are they trying to get ahead of you in life.

Homeless people work day and night trying to survive, and they just need enough money to eat and a warm dry place to sleep. Isn’t that something all of us want?

Wrapping someone in compassion is like giving them a warm blanket around their shoulders. And come to think of it, a warm blanket for the homeless wouldn’t hurt either.

~ Written by Jennifer Juneau


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